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Testimonials for Anna Mulholland's Brookline massage therapy services

"Anna is a very skilled massage therapist who makes one aware of where they hold tension and any bad habits that may contribute to discomfort in the soft tissue."

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Deep Tissue Massage

Enhance Body Awareness

Just Wait Until I Get My Hands On You!

Whether you suffer from chronic aches and soreness, or periodic acute stress-related muscular pain, Anna approaches each individual Masssage session as a collaborative endeavor based on your needs in the moment.  During a Deep Tissue Massage session with Anna, you are empowered to guide treatment.  Anna's role is to help you understand how tension develops in your body, and she encourages you stay in touch with your body on a day-to-day basis. Anna's approach to Massage is based on the premise that enhanced body awareness is the first step to symptom relief and wellness.  Her thoughtful, sensitive approach to working with clients builds trust and creates a cumulative benefit that translates into positive and sustainable change. Dark humor aside, Anna's approach to bodywork will raise your awareness about the sources of your pain, and help prevent future discomfort.